The Foco Yoga Co-op offers independent contractors space to hold classes and workshops. We seek to enrich the lives of our community by providing space for the holistic & healing arts, for including but not limited to; yoga, meditation, breath work, drum circles and any expressive, visual and performing arts. 

We are different from most studios in that there is a manager to the space and an owner, but then from there the teachers are free to create, teach and manifest their class however they want! We believe each teacher brings their own unique experiences, styles, teachings and knowledge and we don't want micro-managing, mean bosses or petty drama getting in your way. 

The Foco Yoga Co-op began in The Solarium International Hostel on East Stuart Street. In late 2019, the Co-op moved to The Orchard's yoga space. The Orchard is an integrated health and wellness center located in Fort Collins that is home to a wide variety of businesses to help you cleanse your mind, body and spirit.


Pregnant Yoga
Reiki Treatment
Hip Hop Dancer
Prenatal Yoga
Tai Chi

Take your time look around, take a few deep breaths, and get a feel for our new home at The Orchard!

The studio is well equipped with plenty of props- bolsters, blocks, straps, yoga mats. We ask that you leave your shoes and worries at the door and use a soft voice when entering to help keep the space as peaceful as possible.

During the class, it is possible you may hear a member of our Integrated Health Center. This is all part of the experience and the true practice of yoga. Notice all the distractions and then practice coming back to your breath, your center. Peace doesn't mean to be in a place  where there is no noise, no trouble, no chaos, or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart. 

There is a bathroom across the hall from the yoga space, next to the Salt Cave, as well as 2 just up the stairs from the yoga studio. Because the center is focused on your mind, body & spirit, there are many different practitioners and services that may interest you.


The Orchard: an integrated Health Center

The Foco Yoga Co-Op began in the heart of Fort Collins, CO, at the Solarium International Hostel. Even though we've recently moved our Co-op to The Orchard, we still highly recommend visiting The Solarium!

At The Orchard we get to enjoy the peace from this integrated health center. This place is truly a place of healing and well-being, focusing on integrating healthy practices for the mind, body, and spirit. As you enter the building, you will immediately feel the calming energy this mix of health care practitioners brings to the space. Help yourself to some tea or water, store your personal items in the cubbies outside of the yoga space, and bring your curiosity for all that The Orchard has to offer.


sound bowls
Debi needling
small classroom


Fort Collins, also called FoCo, is situated along the Cache La Poudre River, along the Colorado Front Range. It is a mid-sized college city, home to Colorado State University.


Events and festivals are abundant here, home to more than 20 craft breweries, including New Belgium Brewery. Festivals that combine biking and drinking, like Tour de Fat. On average there are 237 sunny days out of the year making outdoor adventures accessible all year long- hiking, biking, running, fishing, swimming in Horsetooth Reservoir, camping, concerts at The Mishawaka, snowshoeing, sledding, backcountry skiing and more!


So whether you are into hiking the top of a 14er, riding your bike to a brewery or two for the day or relaxing by the river, you will find yourself content. Join our Colorado community and find yourself here!


For more information on Fort Collins


Is it time you finally share your gifts, talents and passion with others? This can be scary and intimidating. We realize that and so we are here to offer you encouragement and support as you maybe step into unknown territory. This is a space for teachers, entrepreneurs and artists to make your dreams a reality- whether that is a weekly class, monthly workshop or gathering, private or public, teacher teacher training or even a retreat! You chose whether you want to commit to teaching for just one class, one month, 6 months, 1 year, etc.


We have a facility use agreement to fill out, enrollment fee, hourly or monthly fee and a few other boring housekeeping items, but then from there you are free to spread your wings and fly! The teacher decides how much to charge for classes, take payments and keeps all donations/profits.

If you're interested in hosting a one-time event in our space, please click here.


PRicing structure to use the space

Once a week

  • $95 a month

  • $150 enrollment fee

  • Signed agreement

  • 4 hours a month

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Twice a week

  • $180 a month

  • $150 enrollment fee

  • Signed agreement

  • 8 hours a month

3-5 Times a Week 

  • $330 a month

  • $150 enrollment fee

  • Signed agreement

  • 12-20 hours a month


  • $650 a month

  • $150 enrollment fee

  • Signed agreement

  • 20+ hours a month

If you are ready to take the next steps:

1.Please find a day and time that is open on the class schedule


2. Read through and fill out the agreement

3. Email any further questions 

Please note: Pricing structure is for 1 hour classes. This allows 30 min. before & after class time.

If you want 75-90 min. classes, price will fall under amount of hours used in a month, no matter how many classes taught a week!